Let Our Experience Guide You.

Welcome to Wildfire! It is true joy for me to use my creative talents to help clients express their own sense of style! After 30 years of working on Wall Street, who would have guessed that behind the numbers and analysis, was a creative talent to help clients, create, develop or express their style!

All of my extra time had been spent with my dearest friend and one of Greenville’s classic interior designers. Over the years, as we traveled the world, I absorbed history and design as we explored the world of art, antiques, jewelry, silver, porcelain and more. We always focused on appreciating the aesthetic qualities and elements of design as they developed over the last 200 years.

To my delight, I found a new career – where the elements of design, combined with my abundant knowledge, can be used with clients to help them express their own sense of style. Naming the business Wildfire Style - a ubiquitous term – is a simple expression of the recognition that “style’ means something different to each client and can be expressed in multiple ways. My designs help clients enhance their style – a vision of what they want or would like. Attention to those details helps their style be unique! For me, it is a fun collaborative process of helping someone attain their dream!

Buying Diamonds?

The key to success in this relationship is that Wildfire does not carry an inventory. You avoid the inherent pitfalls associated with buying a diamond online or at a local jeweler. At our initial consultation, you describe what you want and help you to refine that vision.

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Need an Appraisal?

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Fine Designer/Antique Jewelry

As a Registered Gemologist with the International School of Gemology and the GIA, I have added and added to my education. I am continually searching the markets to find jewelry for the collector or someone who is looking for something special for their special person.

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